Wild Bird Feed

Here at Moulam & Horn we pride ourselves on our wide range of feeds from single seed feeds to our very own wild bird mixes. With our own in house mill we create many different mixes from a basic no flake wild bird seed right through to our high energy low mess feed. Each different feed has a differing selection of seed designed to attract a wide array of different birds to your garden. Whatever your budget or feeding facilities we can supply the right feed for you in a quantity that suits you from a handful to a tonne.

Bird Feeders

Wild Bird Seed

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We stock the following feeds;

Standard Wild Bird Feed:

Our most popular wild bird feed containing over 13 different ingredients. Designed to attract the widest range of wild birds this feed can be fed from a standard seed feeder, from a bird table or as a ground feed.

Wild Bird Food – No Flake:

This feed is a variation on our standard wild bird feed with the larger ingredients removed. This results in a cheaper feed which lends itself better to feeders with a smaller seed aperture. This feed can also be fed from a bird table or as a ground feed.

Robin & Songbird Mix:

As its name suggests this is a high energy mix targeted specifically at robin and Songbird which require a high energy feed. This feed is again best fed from a seed feeder but can be fed from a table or the ground.

Sunflower Hearts:

Sunflower hearts as a straight feed are a great source of energy for birds, they are also a no mess feed as there are no husks or waste to be discarded by the birds. Special sunflower feeders are available although a standard seed feeder will be more than adequate.

Black Sunflower:

A cheaper alternative to the sunflower hearts but equally a high in energy content. Again these can be fed from a sunflower specific feeder or from a standard seed feeder.


Peanuts are another high energy straight feed. If fed from a peanut feeder this ensures that the birds must peck at peanuts and break them into smaller pieces, not only ensuring longer at the feeding station for you to enjoy but also reduces waste from any dropped or later discarded peanuts.

High Energy Low Mess:

Our high energy mix is designed to give the most to the birds, it contains all of the high protein and high energy ingredients. It is also contains only ingredients that can be eaten in full and will not grow if deposited on the ground which means that you can feed over your very best show lawn without risk of any unwanted growth!

This feed is best fed from a seed feeder and will attract many species of birds but is most suited to songbirds.

Niger Seed:

Niger seed is a very fine seed that will particularly attract goldfinches. It must be fed from a specially designed feeder so as not to waste the seed.

In addition to all of these feeds we have many other products to supplement your wild bird feeding including mealworms, suet pellets, fat balls, suet blocks and many other different feeds. We also stock a large range of feeders from a simple functional feeder to a styled anti-squirrel feeding fortress alongside feeding stations and bird tables.